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Psychotherapy sessions are moments when a person reveals important and complex feelings. Language can be a barrier to feeling comfortable and exploring feelings and thoughts without getting lost in translation. For this reason, our team is available to conduct therapy sessions in English.

Through dialogue and specific techniques, the psychotherapist and patient sit together and face a problem. The therapeutic relationship makes it possible to focus on the patient’s distress in all areas of life (relationships, work-related problems, emotional distress, etc.), to work together to understand the situation better and to find a new way for the patient to reach a new level of wellbeing.

Through the sessions it is possible to become aware of the strategies and dynamics that keep the person stuck in conflict and emotional struggle. A clearer view of the situation is the first step towards finding a new, more adaptive strategy.

Psychotherapy helps the individual to resolve issues related to anxiety and panic attacks, depression, overthinking, intrusive memories, specific phobias and emotional distress due to relationship problems.

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